Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chocolate Drop Cookies

 This is your classic no bake cookie recipe with a few tweaks.  I based this one of a recipe from the Mr's childhood.  First melt 1/2 cup butter or margarine.  Do this in a medium size pot on med-high heat.  Make sure to stir it and don't let it burn.
 Add 2 cups sugar, 2/3 cup milk and 2 tbsps cocoa and keep stirring until it boils.
 When it boils pull it off the heat for about 5 minutes and then pour in 1 cup coconut and 4 cups rolled oats.  Then lay out some wax paper and put the mix on the wax paper with a tbsp.  The Mr likes to eat these before they cool in a bowl with milk.  The kiddies and I enjoy them the next day in cookie form.  You can freeze these really well.
Mmmmm cookies.

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